Moonspell & Rotting Christ

Moonspell & Rotting Christ

Die Veranstaltung am 07.12.2019 mit MOONSPELL / ROTTING CHRIST wurde vom Columbia Theater ins Huxleys verlegt!
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Datum: 07.12.2019
Beginn: 20:00
Einlass: 19:00



With more than 25 years under the belt, Portugal’s MOONSPELL has always been a creative and live force that refused to die or to compromisse to the grinding of time. Their latest work (1755) with its rabid mix between History and Metal, took their fans by storm again. Fully sung in Portuguese, they took the story of the saddest day in their capitol Lisbon (the great disaster of the 1st of Nov. Of 1755) and captured their audience all around the world with their theatrical shows.

They return now to the European continent togethwer with their Greek brothers ROTTING CHRIST for an intense and very complete run of many cities, villages and places where both bands will for sure put the crowd under the spell of their South European brand of the darkest metal.

This is to be taken as a true escape from studio, as the band is currently working on their new álbum to be released via Napalm Records, in 2020.

Formed back in 1992, MOONSPELL is a name we can’t stop repeating or bumping into. With already 13 albums in the discography, one of the pioneers of Gothic and Folk Metal, will bring their fans a complete headliner show, designed not only to promote the latest opus 1755 but also to celebrate great momemts together with their European pack under a fullmoon madness.


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